A Shopping Cart That Reads Your Pulse

Walmart Carts

Walmart recently filed a patent on a shopping cart where the handle gripped by the shopper can track biometric feedback such as heart rate, temperature and shopper’s pace. The patent is titled “System and Method For a Biometric Feedback Cart Handle,” and it published Aug. 23.

The patent was filed in February by Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville and inventors named on the report include Aaron Vanguard of Rogers, Nicholaus Jones of Fayetteville, Matthew Jones of Bentonville and Kurt Bessel of New York. The abstract description of the invention says data is collected through sensors on the handle of the shopping cart and transmitted in real time to a data bank in the back room. Upon analysis of the data in near-real time a store employee would be notified if a shopper is experiencing elevated pulse rate, clammy hands or other symptoms detected in the data.

The goal of this biometric shopping cart handle is help warn consumers who may be experiencing signs of a serious condition such as stroke or heart-attack. Walmart said the server can build a database of information compared against store location and stress response.    MORE

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