$31 Million To Improve Arkansas Walmart’s


Walmart plans to spend $31 million over the next year renovating and remodeling nine stores in Arkansas and expanding Scan & Go, and pickup towers for retrieval of online orders. Walmart reduced the number of new stores it will build and will focus on around 500 store remodels among its 4,761 stores.

Walmart U.S. CEO Greg Foran has said the remodel agenda is aggressive even for Walmart, but the company believed investing into existing stores made more sense than building new ones given the massive footprint Walmart has amassed and the growth of online shopping. Foran said the retailer has many stores more than 15 years old which need to be updated with the latest innovations to make shopping easier.

While most of Walmart Stores’ $11 billion in capital expenditures are earmarked for e-commerce, store renovations are expected to total more than $1 billion.   MORE

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