2nd Congressional Candidate Gwen Combs: ‘I continue to stand with Dreamers’

LITTLE ROCK – In September 2017, I proudly marched and rallied with our Arkansas Dreamers. I also urged my supporters to contact their congressmen to demand continued protection for these young Americans.

Monday, however, marked the deadline for a Congress that is clearly unwilling to do the right thing. Our Dreamers’ futures now hang in the balance as the courts wrangle with an issue that the White House Administration and Congress refuse to address.

I stand with Dreamers and believe we need a #DreamActNow. If elected to Congress, I will work to pass a clean Dream Act.

Those who come to this country – whether fleeing violence or searching for a better future for their families – deserve to be welcomed and treated fairly. We should be helping our Dreamers to become citizens. They have grown up here, been educated here and are part of our next generation that will make up a 21st-century workforce.

I believe that immigrants should have the right to legally drive and purchase insurance. I believe their children should be able to attend K-12 schools, college and/or vocational schools. I also believe that immigrants should have access to healthcare and legal representation.

I will stand up for their rights. And I will fight any efforts to undermine previous court rulings that served to protect the civil rights of ALL who call the United States home.

Gwen Combs is a public school teacher, U.S. Air Force veteran, mother and wife. She is challenging U.S. Representative French Hill for his seat in the 2nd Congressional District.

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