Officers Justified In Fatal Shooting

Crain Ford

Jacksonville police announced Tuesday that an investigation into an officer-involved shooting at the Crain Ford dealership had been completed.

Jacksonville Police Chief John Franklin says the two officers who fatally shot 22-year old Tramon Savage as he drove at them in a truck were justified because they “feared for their lives” and fired in self-defense.

The officers responded to the break-in at Crain Ford on June 13th and found Savage trying to leave the building in a Ford F-250.

Released body-cam footage shows the officers repeatedly telling Savage to stop the truck and get out. Savage drove at the officers, who began firing “a barrage of bullets” into the truck striking Savage and causing the truck to crash into a wall. Savage died after being taken to a hospital.

The two officers will remain on leave until prosecutors weigh in on the case.

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